Our Story

Rising Star Dance Company began in 2015 just outside the main gate of Camp Pendleton. Realizing a need for a program like ours within her own community, our founder opened with an overwhelming response. Since then, we've taught over 530 students, put on a number of theater performances and made unforgettable memories. We hope to continue to spread our love of community, and joy for early childhood dance for many years to come. 


Rising Star Dance Company Staff

Amanda Brown

Owner and Oceanside Location Instructor

I really developed a love for dance at my hometown studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. I began teaching in 2001 and immediately knew it was my passion. After 19 years of teaching dance, I seem to learn more and love my job more each year. I started Rising Star Dance Company in 2015 to spread the joy of dance throughout my community on Camp Pendleton. Since then, we've taught over 530 students, mostly military families who've come and gone to every corner of the globe. I am extremely passionate about creating a family centered recreational dance program centered around our local military community, and young families.

Carissa Menard

San Diego Location Instructor

I have grown up doing ballet since I was 6 years old. I continued to dance through high school in the Folsom Lake Civic Ballet company and carried my love for dance throughout my life since. Teaching ballet to young children combined two of my passions: sharing my love of creative expression with others and utilizing my expertise and professional background of child development and education to promote resilience and joy in children. I am honored and grateful to create a fun and safe way for young children to experience confidence, joy and community through Rising Star Dance Company.

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