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Welcome to Rising Star Dance Company! We are thrilled you’ve chosen to register for our classes! Our registration process is all online! We’ve outlined the important steps needed to officially enroll in our classes:


*Important, please wait until the next day after trial class for online enrollment, or calculated amounts can be wrong. If your child has not had a free trial class, please do so before enrollment!


First things first, your dancer is NOT officially enrolled in our classes until you register online, and pay the registration fee of $25 + prorated tuition for the remainder of the month. This automatically holds your dancer’s spot.  


To enroll online, please read the steps and select the button below!


1. Sign into the account you created when you scheduled your trial class


2. Select “Register for classes”, check mark the class you’re registering your dancer for and select “Submit”


3. Select “Finish Registration Now”.


4. Locate your fees due at the bottom. It should list registration fee and tuition for the remainder of the month. If this total looks wrong, please email us immediately before paying.


5. There may be a promo code that applies to you! Be sure to enter your appropriate promo code and hit “Apply”. 

Military family, one dancer: MilitaryFamily (10% off registration and tuition)

Siblings, 2+ dancers: SiblingDiscount (10% off registration and tuition)

Military family AND siblings: MilitarySiblings (20% off registration and tuition)


6. Agreement to our policies and procedures is required.


7. Complete payment.


You will receive a confirmation email! Thank you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know via email

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