Our Registration Process

First, we want you to schedule a free trial class to be sure your child likes our classes before officially registering. Second, registration takes place through the same system. We offer military and sibling discounts, which affects monthly tuition rates.

We're here to offer you a custom monthly price quote, or answer any additional questions before scheduling a trial class, or registration.


Please Select For Instructions

Scheduling a Trial Class

1. Set up an account within our online booking system (Online Parent Portal button). Select "Create Account" and use your email and password of your choice. 2. Enter your contact information, and agree to our waivers. 3. Add your student's information, and select "Register for Classes". 4. Find the class of your choice and select "Schedule Trial". 5. Use the drop-down menu to choose the exact day you'd like to schedule the trial class. Hit submit. 6. Check your email for trial class details!

Register Online (After Trial Class, or Returning Student)

To enroll online, please read the steps and go to our Online Parent Portal for regsitration. 1. Sign into the account you created when you scheduled your trial class 2. Select “Register for classes”, check mark the class you’re registering your dancer for and select “Submit” 3. Select “Finish Registration Now”. 4. Locate your fees due at the bottom. It should list prorated tuition for the remainder of the month. If this total looks wrong, please email us immediately before paying. 5. There may be a promo code that applies to you! Be sure to enter your appropriate promo code and hit “Apply”. Military family, one dancer: MilitaryFamily (10% off monthly tuition) Siblings, 2+ dancers: SiblingDiscount (10% off monthly tuition) Military family AND siblings: MilitarySiblings (20% off monthly tuition)

Important Details

Monthly tuition & payment

We call our monthly fees "tuition". Tuition is charged by auto-pay only. Auto-pay is charged on the 27th of each month, for the upcoming month. It is your responsibility to let us know before the 27th if your child will be dropping, or the credit card on file will be charged and your child will remain enrolled for another month.

How payment works for regsitration

To register your child, payment is due for the remainder of the month. We call this pro-rating. We only pro-rate tuition for the first month of enrollment, no other month is pro-rated. We also charge an annual registration fee of $25 upon enrollment. Your card on file will be charged again on the 27th for the upcoming month, resulting is a double charge. This will only take place on the first month of enrollment.

How our online classes work

Our online academy classes meet through Zoom. The Zoom class can be accessed through our onlne parent portal. You'll only have access to the Zoom class link once enrolled. This link is secure and not offered to anyone who isn't enrolled. You'll need a device that is compatible with Zoom. The online video library is also stored wthin our online parent portal.

Get your monthly pricing first, or let us know if you have a question.


Thank you! We'll get back to you as soon as we can.