Studio Classes

Our studio program consists of recreational classes designed to foster the love of dance. We introduce dance genres in a gentle manner, encouraging family involvement. Our studio program is a dual online + studio program, where dancers can join us online from afar, or from home. Enrollment takes place at a month to month basis, giving flexibility to our families. Students are given one free trial class before enrollment. Click Sign Up Now to sign up for a free trial class. 


Itty Bitty Stars

Our Itty Bitty Stars program is for our littlest dancers, ages 18mo-3y. Classes are 25-30 minutes in length, and include fun creative movement activities to gently introduce dance. Join us for a free trial class!


Tiny Stars

Our Tiny Stars program is where we introduce classical ballet terminology & technique, and beginning tap movement ( for combo classes). Specifically designed for ages 3-4y, we use specialized early childhood dance curriculum that teaches classical dance through fun & imaginative activities. Classes run 40-45 minutes in length. Join us for a free trial class!


Little Stars

Our Little Stars program is where we really start to refine classical dance technique. Using specialized curriculum, we communicate our dance educational lessons through imaginative activities. Dancers learn ballet, beginning jazz and tap technique. For ages 5-6.5.  Join us for a free trial class!


Mini Stars

Our Mini Stars program includes interactive lessons in ballet, jazz and tap. Specifically designed for beginning to intermediate dancers ages 7-9.5, we work on classical dance skills using creative lessons and tools. Join us for a free trial class!



Our Starlets program is an intermediate, interactive class that includes ballet and jazz technique, for ages 10-13. We work on flexibility, technique combinations and age appropriate choreography. Join us for a free trial class!

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